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At Project Assist we pride ourselves in providing independent, highly experienced delivery capability for all our clients in the public and private sectors. Founded in 2005, we take an intuitive approach when working with our clients, rather than relying on a defined prescriptive methodology to deliver the committed business priorities. Whether delivering business-wide change, implementing a complex service or product against a tight budget and timescale, or reviewing an underperforming delivery programme, Project Assist can provide a tangible difference.
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Shed Talk: Transforming your startup business through project management

6pm - 8:30pm. 24th August, 2018
Workshed, Baatsona, Spintex
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Always on the lookout for great talents.

At Project Assist we are always looking for talented and experienced consultants. We are interested in individuals keen on a new challenge and motivated to succeed in an environment where it is possible to really make a difference. We believe there are two key factors that are critical to our ongoing success: 1. Winning and delivering challenging client assignments, and 2. Attracting and retaining consultants with the capabilities, skills, experience and passion to thrive in an entrepreneurial organisation.

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